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Ana Popovic-Lipowatz


Dipl. pharm. Ana Popovic – Lipowatz, licensed pharmacist, the study of pharmacy, University of Belgrade, Serbia;

Mr.Sc. Ana Popovic – Lipowatz, Master program in Applied Nutrition, UMIT “The Health and Life Sciences University”, Department of Nutrition Science, Hall in Tyrol, Austria;

Two semesters “Homeopathy for pharmacists”, Moscow, “Institute Moniki” – Moscow Regional Clinical Research Institute.


I was born in Montenegro, where I have spent my childhood. When I was 9 I moved with my family to Belgrade, where I have finished high school and music secondary school and graduated Pharmacy at the University of Belgrade. Thereafter, for more than 20 years, I have been living and working abroad: for two years in Abu Dhabi, for 17 years in Moscow, as well as 6 times for several months in the USA. After working in different pharmacies in Belgrade, I worked as representative of the pharmaceutical production “Health care products” for “Scan International Group” based in the UAE. Since I have always been very interested in natural products and natural treatment methods, I finished in 2000 two semesters in Homeopathy in Moscow at Moniki “Moscow Regional Research Clinical Institute”.

Since 2008 I have been living in Austria, in the Olympic city of Innsbruck in Tyrol, where the beautiful nature, Alpine air and the healthy way of life, have inspired me to devote myself to the field of nutrition science. My international experience has helped me observe different people on different continents: their lifestyles, their behavior and dietary practices. I understood that there is no best cuisine in the world, since it is always shaped by the culture, climate and religion. For example, more than half of the world’s population eats with chopsticks or with hands; every fourth Austrian person is vegetarian, which tendency continuously grows. This proves that we are all so different but still live on the same planet.

My three-year Master’s program in Applied Nutrition Science in Innsbruck has contributed even more to my experiences and especially to the scientific approach and knowledge. Already in the course of my studies, I have worked closely with leading nutrition experts in Austria and abroad, in order to find reasonable and effective ways to try to solve the problem of nowadays, namely the problem of obesity, which is considered to be the number one health problem according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). In addition, I have also been engaged with nutrition practices of athletes, diabetics and people with metabolic disorders.

Furthermore, I am a member of the Association of Nutritionists in Austria (VEÖ-Verband der Ernährungs-wissenschaftler Österreich) as well as Austrian Society for Nutrition (ÖGE-Österrichische Geselschaft für Ernährung). I took part in the 27th Nutrition Congress of the Association of Dieticians in Vienna 2010, where in 2011 I have participated in The Austrian Nutrition Society Meeting. In 2012 I also took part in The Development of Sports and Nutrition organized by the Association of Nutritionists in Austria (VEÖ). In March 2013 I have participated in the 30th Nutrition Congress of the Association of Dieticians in Vienna with a special accent on Overweight and Obesity of Nowadays. Moreover, I regularly visit various medical meetings, numerous lectures and seminars. I write scientific articles on topics connected with nutrition, such as “Development of Fluid Intake Recommendations”, in February 2012, “Changes in Food Habits among Immigrant Women and Implications for Health”, published in the “Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health” Vol.15(4), August 2013.

I speak Serbian, Russian, English and German.





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