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FETT-FREI Philosophy

 “One should eat to live, not live to eat” (Benjamin Franklin)
FETT-FREI will not take much of your time

“Always remember that you’re unique. We all are” (Alison Boulter)
FETT-FREI is a personalized dietary program made only for you

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food”(Paul Prudhomme)
FETT-FREI program does not require more money

Program Fett-Frei is not a diet, but a new view on life. It is the new philosophy and new lifestyle, it is a study of going back to the healthy dietary practice, being the only possible way of fighting overweight. We, team FETT- FREI, are just making this way easier for you. The most difficult thing, but also the best part of the program, are the first 3 weeks (20 days), because your body reacts to the new impuls, change, and you to the new challenge. Our experience has proven that to be true. Do not forget that our body is just a place that we stay, and our real life is connected to our soul and psyche. Do something good for your body, so the soul would like to live in it. You should not be afraid of changes, without them there is no progress. The changes make us better, happier, fresher, and more beautiful in this only life we have.

[box style=”quote”]Don’t be the one from yesterday. Why?
Because you can be even better! [/box]

Be the best version of yourself.

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