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Signing in for the Fett-Frei Program

In order to start with the Fett-Frei Program, first you need to sign in  and optionally fill in the questionnaire.


Plan of FETT-FREI program:

1.    Conversation and consultation with the client, general measurements and measurements of fat mass percentage with the method BIA „Bio-Impedanz Analyse”.

2.   Creation of individual 20-day or 60-day dietary program corresponding to the results of the measurements and client´s preferences and habits with additional needed instructions.

3.   Control of results on a 20-day basis through the method BIA „Bio-Impedanz Analyse“ and needed support and help during the whole program.

4.    Possible future monthly controls and measurements as well as support even after the whole program

The appointments can be scheduled through: phone, e-mail and skype:

  • +43 660 773 1606 (Austria);
  • +381 63 758 4069 (Serbia);
  • +382 67 5222 84 (Montenegro)
  • +7 926 312 2340 (Russia)

E –mail: fettfrei@gmx.at
Skype: fettfrei1


There are two ways of application:

  • Personal counseling  – scheduling of appointments, consultations and conversations, measurements and creation of individual dietary program
  • On-line counseling – Fett-Frei program is also possible without the measurement of BIA. The great size of Fett-Frei database created through years of working with different cases and hundreds of clients is enabling us to group online participants, after a  conversation with you and the completion of  on-line questionnaire, into different groups according to the profile, dietary habits, body structure, and so on. Like this you can start the program online!
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