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Price of FETT-FREI Program

There are two payment possibilities:

  • Beginner Program of 20 days: 90 €
    (including: conversation and consultation, instructions, first BIA measurement and 20-day dietary program)
    + Continuation and end of the program of 40 days: 159
  • Full Program of 60 days: 225 €
    (including:  conversation and consultation, instructions, first and other additional controlling BIA measurements, 60-day dietary program, instructions and advise for maintenance of achieved results)


Upon completion of the Fett-Frei Program, there is a possibility of long-term cooperation and monthly controls: 39 € / per month (including: BIA measurement, continous help and support with instructions for maintenance of achieved results).

The price of one BIA „Bio-Impedanz Analyse” that measures the percentage of fat mass in your body: 25 €


Receiver: Fett-Frei Program
Raiffeisen-Landesbank Tirol AG
IBAN: AT89 3600 0000 0201 5287
Account number: 2015.287
BLZ: 36000


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